Establishment and hardware store at Unit 2, 2 Costello Place, Seven Hills, NSW 2147, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about Edisons: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


Establishment   Hardware store  

Unit 2
2 Costello Place
Seven Hills
NSW 2147
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+61 2 8188 0988


Opening hours

Monday 09:00am — 03:00pm
Tuesday 09:00am — 03:00pm
Wednesday 09:00am — 03:00pm
Thursday 09:00am — 03:00pm
Friday 09:00am — 03:00pm


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Reviews of Edisons

    Rhys Davies Added April 17, 2019
    This company has absolutely zero customer service credentials. After purchase a product from them and using for 10 months the item experienced a major failure. After returning the product to Edison’s they offered a replacement or credit. Side there was no suitable replacement I requested a refund which they initially refused. After quoting consumer law requirements to them they then came back and offer a partial refund which is completely not acceptable! STAY AWAY!! BE WARNED!

    Further to the comments below. Edison's clearly have trouble with tracking the advice their staff provide. Nothing in the above review is inaccurate and I have the emails to prove it! You did not offer a refund until prompted by consumer law quotes and threats of NSW fair trading. You state several options - this is a lie you initially provided two - this is called a couple not several, once prompted you provide a third option which was a partial refund with no justification. You are still unable to provide a replacement nearly 2 months after the item has been returned. This is all FACTUAL! They clearly have issues with honesty themselves.

    Further to the above the issue has now been resolved an a full refund has been issued. Thank You.
    Trade Services Added April 15, 2019
    They were better before. Now their service has been degraded. See the misleading information on the ad of their product on ebay. They said clearly on the ad 20% discount up to 21st February,2019. They also showed how much the price is after discount($207.10 in this case). But it doesn't work at the checkout. They responded that the discount was only on particular items. If it is the case why the discounted price is shown on this particular product.
    Roger Fuller Added March 26, 2019
    I bought a 22 inch self propelled mower form Edisons before Christmas. After 3 mows the front wheel assembly broke due to a bad weld. I sent in a complaint on their email form twice but received no answer. As the grass was growing wildly I had to get it fixed locally and paid $100 to get the faulty weld repaired. I have emailed them and tried to ring but to no avail. The mowers may be cheap but the customer service is non existent. Buyer beware.

    Since writing this review Edisons have been in touch and promptly settled my complaint. It appears the the complaint form wasn't working and their first knowledge of my problem was my Google review.


    The self drive has now failed . I notified them and after a couple of days was asked to send a video of the mower with the drive not working. This I did and after a couple of days the asked me to take it to a local repairer to have the fault analysed . I suggested I had bought a lemon and that they should replace it. If they refused to do this I suggested they should talk to the local repairer as they might not be happy to assist with an online purchase. I have heard nothing again after leaving messages and emails. The grass is growing and I have to push this mower, it's large and heavy.
    My 2 friends who purchased these mowers on my advice are now waiting nervously for their mowers to fail.

    Steer clear of this company I will now go to Fair Trading NSW for resolution.
    Laura Poilly Added March 25, 2019
    Great company to deal with. The delivery was prompt and the products were as described. Highly recommend Edisons.
    Alan Morgan Added March 22, 2019
    This company is all about selling online
    good quick service
    but if you have a genuine warranty complaint they will jerk you around
    to the point where you will just give up
    I brought a cultivator which worked fine
    but on the second time I used it the starter cord wouldn't recoil

    so I contacted the company
    they asked me to send a photo which I did

    they then acknowledged receiving this and said they would get there technical department to look at

    no reply so they again asked me to send the photo

    still no joy


    Jimbob charles Added June 06, 2018
    I Purchased a 24" 82cc MTM chainsaw from Edisons, it had an issue which was sorted with Edisons promptly sending me replacement parts. With some minor adjustments I now have a an awesome saw that has plenty of power for getting through the toughest of Aussie hard woods, I do recommend replacing the Chinese spark plug with a quality brand name one.
    You would need to spend over $1000 more to match this one.

    Thank you Edisons!

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